Thursday, January 2, 2014

Electric Boat Corporation Extends Contract with Universal Manufacturing Corp.

Universal Manufacturing Corp. is announcing an extended contract with the Electric Boat Corporation, Quonset Point Facility in North Kingston, Rhode Island.

Universal has been contracted to engineer and manufacture modular, freestanding and highly configurable custom platforms for vertical hull outfitting. The patented design has resulted in a decrease in platform set up time, increase in safety and a significant reduction in hull outfitting time. The design won an award for "Best Practice, Modular Work Platforms for Vertical Outfitting".

The new platform methods and procedures shorten the time required to ready a ship's hull for productive work from two weeks to two days, reduced budgeted man-hours, and compressed span times throughout the entire vertical outfitting process (37% in recent units). This process also reduced recordable injuries, increased the productivity of all trades, improved the organizational appearance, and raised the general morale of EBQP’s employees.

Universal Scaffolding at the Arkansas State Capitol Building

The Darragh Company is a Universal Scaffold Distributor located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Universal System Scaffolding was used on the interior dome renovation of the Arkansas State Capitol Building. Universal System Scaffolding provided the needed engineered structure flexibility that wrapped around the interior from the ground entrance to the top of the dome. Multiple rolling towers were constructed from Universal Frame Scaffolding, which allowed for efficient scaffold support repositioning throughout the project.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Cost Effective Scaffold Solutions

We manufacture custom scaffolding to meet your specifications, allowing you to renew and fit your existing inventory. Please call for more information.

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